The Rank and Vile comedy show at The Cotton Club 2019


Try Somewhere New

Host your next big event at The Cornerstone of George Street. This old historic relic has seen some wild stuff in its 180+ years and you can become part of its sorted history as well!

Our main theatre is ideal for stand-up comedy, DJs and bands with plenty of space for gear and change room backstage. The downstairs sports lounge is great for team celebrations, paper-per-view parties, open mic, or a trivia night.

We’re always seeking alternative adult entertainment and we love working with the community to showcase local talent as well as supporting local businesses and charities. If you would like to host your event with us please contact management.

Past Events

Check out some of the fun events that have been hosted in The Cornerstone building in the past few years.

Rank And Vile

The Cotton Club
December 2019

Provincial Arm Wrestling Championship

The Cornerstone Lounge
March 2018

Spring Fever Pole-esque and Drag Extravaganza

The Cotton Club
May 2017

Nasty Music Video

The Cotton Club
December 2017


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